Jo Kerr – Pittsburgh Fire Performer

Jo Kerr – Pittsburgh Fire Performer & Circus Entertainer

Pittsburgh fire performer Joseph Kerr is a phenomenal fire magician, fire-eater, and more! Combining enchanting magic with unbelievable mastery of fire, Jo Kerr transports your senses into another dimension with his trickery. Hire a fire performer for your event entertainment! Contact us today to book now.

Pittsburgh Fire Performer – Fire Eater – Fire Breather

Jo Kerr, through years of dedication, has honed his skills of magical manipulation and fire artistry. A Pittsburgh fire performer who pushes the limits of possibility and aims to give your audience a never-before-seen experience like no other.

Fire Eating Performance

A mix of magic and fire artistry, fire eating shows are ideally suited for indoor events, weddings and small stages. Fire eating can safely be performed close-up to the audience, the spectacular tricks become even more impressive when you can feel the heat! Contact us today to have a fire eater at your event!

Fire Breathing Show

Incredibly impressive, visually astounding fire show, fire breathing never fails to WOW the crowd. For fire-breathing shows, at least a 15ft space between audience and performer is required. Tall ceilings are required for indoor events, and we take every measure to ensure that the show is spectacular and the guests and your venue are safe. Contact us today to book Jo Kerr’s fire breathing show at your event!

Pittsburgh Fire Magician Jo Kerr

As fire disappears down his sleeves and Aces appear in places unforseen, Joseph Kerr will leave your audiences spellbound with his fire magic antics. Captivate your guests and book Jo Kerr for your next event! Contact us today and we will work with you to make a show like no other.


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