Lester Love – Los Angeles Fire Performer

Los Angeles Fire Performer Lester Love

Los Angeles fire performer Lester Love along with his partner Samantha display passionate, romantic and visually astounding fire dancing like you’ve never seen. Two talented performers with a combined 20 years of experience, Lester and Samantha have mesmerized audiences throughout North America with their beautiful fire shows.

Los Angeles Fire Performer Lester Love

A scintillating fire performer from the first magic sparkle to the last flaming crescendo. Lester Love brings the heat with his incredible fire eating, fire dancing and fire-breathing. Combined with his gorgeous and talented partner Samantha, this dynamic duo is the best fire show in town. Contact us today to book Lester & Samantha for your event!

Fire Eater – Fire Breather – Fire Dancer

For more than 10 years, Lester has entertained audiences in California and around the world with his incredible fire talents. Lester is a true craftsman of fire, and performs spectacular displays of fire eating, fire breathing, and all manner of fire dancing props. Co-founder of Love in the Fire along with his wife Samantha, the twin flames create truly memorable fire art.

As an experience Los Angeles fire performer, Lester knows what it takes to impress an LA audience. Dressed in spectacular outfits, with great music accompanying his dazzling fire show, Lester will leave any audience spellbound. To book Lester for your event, contact us today!

Fire Eating Performance

A scintillating fire eating show, watch Lester effortlessly extinguish flames with his mouth and shoot fiery dragon balls. His fire eating can safely be performed close-up to the audience, his spectacular tricks become even more impressive when you can feel the heat!  Contact us today to book a unique fire show!

Fire Breathing Show

Give your event an exciting wild side with Lester’s fiery hot fire-breathing show! Fire breathing never fails to WOW the crowd. For fire-breathing shows, at least a 15ft space between audience and performer is required. Tall ceilings are required for indoor events, and we take every measure to ensure that the show is spectacular and the guests and your venue are safe.

Fire Show

For a BIG fire show that packs a PUNCH, Lester Love is a one-man show that can do it all! Incorporating dance, technical skill and GIANT fireballs, Lester’s fire show will suit any stage, big or small. Contact us today and book a world-renowned fire performer for your event!

Learn Fire Dancing with Lester & Samantha

Lester & Samantha are also available for workshops and private classes in fire dance and circus arts. Lester and Samantha are based in Los Angeles, California. Contact us for details!


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