Beautiful Fire Eating from Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur

Fire Eating Duo Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur

Flamewater Circus superstars Shade and Mini are back with their latest fire eating duo masterpiece! See their amazing vapor tricks in this video.

Advanced fire eating tricks like you’ve never seen before! He’s the King of Kerosene and she’s the Queen of Gasoline!

Flamewater Circus Fire Eating Superstars

See more of Mini on her Meet The Team page.
See more of Shade on his Meet The Team page.

If you want to find more of our amazing fire eating videos, check out our YouTube channel.

Mini Azur & Shade Flamewater – Partner Fire Eating

This video was filmed and produced by Piers van Looy of Van Loop Media & Performance. See more of Vanloop here:

Learn Fire Eating with Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur

Now is your chance to begin your fire journey and learn from the very best! Mini & Shade can teach you online via Skype or you learn from them in person at one of their world tour workshop events. Click here for more information on fire eating workshops with Shade Flamewater and Mini Azur!

Looking for Hollow Fire Eating Torches?

Shade’s Hollow Fire Eating Torches are famous among fire eaters around the world, and are considered the industry standard in Hollow Fire Eating Torches. Buy yours today and unlock new tricks and techniques! Click here to see our Hollow Fire Eating Torches and buy yours today.

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year

After a wildly successful year teaching fire eating workshops throughout North America, Shade was awarded the Flow Arts Institute’s Instructor of the Year Award.

Fire Eating Duo – Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur

From the first magic sparkle to the last flaming crescendo, Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur have dazzled audiences the world over with their signature blend of circus, magic and fire. The two together create incredibly advanced fire eating tricks like you’ve never before seen! He’s the King of Kerosene and she’s the Queen of Gasoline! Contact us today to book a wonderfully unique magic show with two transcendent fire talents.

Watch Shade & Mini’s Fire Eating!

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