Meet The Team

Meet The Team from Flamewater Circus

From the first magic sparkle, to the last flaming crescendo, Flamewater Circus has dazzled audiences the world over with our unique blend of fire, circus and magic. Flamewater Circus brings to your event the very best entertainers North America has to offer. Flamewater Circus is THE place for circus, magic and fire performers.

For over 15 years, we have sculpted the team of Flamewater Circus into the talented performers they are today. Drawing on the concept of audience enchantment and seamless servicing, Flamewater Circus delivers consistently breathtaking performances that are easy to book and simple to implement into your event’s flow of the night. Check out the rest of our site for more insights into what we do and how we can help your event go off with a bang!

The Flamewater Circus Team

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Shade Flamewater – Ringmaster
Mini Azur – Flamewater Canada

Jandro “Cilantro” Fuego – Flamewater USA

Gamma Ra – Flamewater Vancouver

Haley Lane – Flamewater Tennessee

Hannah Elizabeth – Flamewater California

Jo Kerr – Flamewater Pennsylvania

Logan Cruz – Flamewater Illinois

Madison Hooper – Flamewater Kansas

Maya Skye – Flamewater Ohio

Mundi Broda – Flamewater North Carolina

Rowyn Sage – Flamewater Pennsylvania

Siren Iris – Flamewater Montana

Terry Fields – Flamewater Pennsylvania

Zeus Bigalow – Flamewater Tennessee