Meet The Team

Meet The Team from Flamewater Circus

From the first magic sparkle, to the last flaming crescendo, Flamewater Circus fire dancers have dazzled audiences the world over with our unique blend of fire, circus and magic. Flamewater Circus brings to your event the very best fire entertainment.

For over 15 years, we have sculpted the team of Flamewater Circus into the talented fire dancers they are today. Drawing on the concept of audience enchantment and seamless servicing, Flamewater Circus delivers consistently breathtaking performances that are easy to book and simple to implement into your event’s flow of the night. Check out the rest of our site for more insights into what we do and how we can help your event go off with a bang!

The Flamewater Circus Team

Click a photo to see each artists page. You can also view the Australia Team, Canada Team, UK Team and USA Team and  separately.

Shade Flamewater – Ringmaster

fire dancersShade Flamewater is the founder of Flamewater Circus and is from Sydney, Australia. Specializing in the mystic arts of fire and magic, Shade and his team have dedicated themselves to creating otherworldly feats. Audiences the world over have been left spellbound by Shade’s unique blend of circus, magic and fire performance.

Mini Azur – Montreal, Canada

Hollow Fire Eating Torches Mini Azur Flamewater Circus fire dancersMini is from Montreal, Canada, and leads our Canadian fire performance team! Having helped grow the Montreal fire scene since 2010, Mini now tours the world with her fire show; teaching and performing her signature fire tricks.

Jandro “Cilantro” Fuego – Houston, USA

fire dancersJandro Fuego a.k.a. Cilantro the Fire Clown is the world’s best fire breather. Jandro has pushed the limits of what is possible in fire performance, and has created a style and techniques that are the envy of other fire performers.

Dangerboy – Newcastle, Australia

sydney magicians flamewater circus

Dangerboy specializes in performing phenomenal feats of human endurance, drawing inspiration from late 1800’s Bohemian cabaret and dust-bowl era circus sideshow. Dangerboy is our lead artist in Australia. Well known for his dare-devil antics on Australia’s Got Talent!

Tanya – London, UK

Tanya combines her award-winning aerial skills, her incredible singing, and our signature fire skills all into one! Together with her sister Lauren, Tanya is the face of our UK circus team. Tanya’s sensational voice combined with spectacular circus and fire acts is a signature part of what makes our shows so special.

Arizona – Sydney, Australia

Aerial superstar Arizona is a multi award winning circus performer. Currently the reigning Australian pole champion, Arizona is also an incredible lyra performer, acrobat and fire eater. Arizona is a feature artist in the Atomic Bombshells team!

Brittny Marie – New York City, NY

New York fire performer Brittny uses fire eating and fire dancing to mesmerize her audience through captivating movement and element manipulation.

Dart Vapor – Montreal, QC

Dart Vapor and his Montreal fire show is an award-winning spectacular. Combining fire, futuristic lights and traditional martial arts, Dart Vapor’s performances embody power and control.

Dannie Goo – Vancouver Island, BC

Sexy Fire Dancers Vancouver Island BC Flamewater Circus DannielleFitness model and Bodybuilding champion Dannie works alongside Denyse in Vancouver Island creating spectacular fire shows. Dannie Goo was the West Coast Ink Mag feature model for 2019 and also won 1st place at the Womens Bodybuilding Cup in BC, Canada.

Denyse Dansereau – Vancouver Island, BC

Flamewater Circus Canada Fire Performers - Denyse Vancouver IslandDenyse is a pillar of the fire community in Canada, and CanSpin Award Winner for her fire show! Denyse leads a team of Vancouver Island based fire performers that combine music, dance and intricate fire choreography to create spectacular shows!

Francesca – London, UK

UK fire performers London fire eater fire dancer england

Francesca is a fitness instructor and tattoo model based in London. Combining beautiful fire eating and gorgeous fire manipulation, Francesca is a regular feature artist in the London nightlife and Tattoo Conventions around the UK and Europe.

Gamma Ra – Cumberland, Bc

fire dancersCumberland fire performer Gamma Ra is an incredible fire dancer, circus performer and movement artist. Gamma Ra has entertained audiences throughout Canada with her unique style and unforgettable fire skills.

Golem Obsidian – Montreal, QC

fire dancersMontreal fire performer Golem Obsidian is an incredible fire artist, with transcendent fire eating, fire-breathing and fire spinning skill. Mixing athleticism and juggling, Golem’s shows are an entertaining mix of fire, magic and circus.

Hailey Jade – Byron Bay, Australia

Australia Fire Performers Byron Bay Fire dancers

Hailey Jade hails from South Africa, and has traveled with Flamewater Circus in France, Papua New Guinea, Africa and all through Australia. Residing in Byron Bay, you can often see Hailey performing her fire shows in the Byron Bay nightlife.

Haley Lane – Knoxville, TN

fire dancersTennessee fire performer Haley Lane is an incredible fire eater and fire dancer. Haley entertains audiences in her home-town Knoxville and throughout North America with her unique blend of fire, magic and movement.

Hannah Elizabeth – San Francisco, CA

fire dancersSan Francisco fire performer Hannah Elizabeth has been entertaining audiences throughout California since she began her career.  Hannah will dazzles with her fire eating and stilt-walking, and then turns up the heat with her giant fire whips!

Izzy Ivy – Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay fire performer Izzy Ivy is one of the founding members of Flamewater Circus. Izzy is an internationally acclaimed fire performer, painter and fashion designer. Her designer bikinis are used by our gorgeous performers for our summer bikini fire shows.

Jacqueline Furey – Brisbane, Australia

brisbane fire performer sword swallower for hireJacqueline Furey is a beautiful sideshow performer from Brisbane. One of Australia’s only performing sword swallowers, Jacqueline also combines fire, danger, magic and burlesque to leave her audiences spell-bound! Often performing with the Fringe Festival events around Australia, Jacqueline Furey is a crowd favourite!

Jasmine Brophy – Sydney, Australia

Australia fire performers sydney fire dancers

Jasmine is our youngest Flamewater Circus team member! Jasmine is from a famous Australian circus family, and began learning circus with us at the young age of 14. Jasmine has grown into an an incredible circus performer! And to think we knew her when she was only this big.

Jo Kerr – Pittsburg, USA

fire dancersPittsburgh fire performer Joseph Kerr is a phenomenal fire magician, fire-eater, and more! Combining enchanting magic with unbelievable mastery of fire, Jo Kerr transports your senses into another dimension with his trickery.

Kaylie Kreatrix – Ottawa, CANADA

fire dancersOttawa Fire Performer Kaylie Kreatrix is a world-renowned circus artist. Kaylie’s skills include her signature sword swallowing act, mesmerizing buugeng manipulation, magical fire eating and much more.

Kateriina – Sydney, Australia

australia fire performers sydney fire dancers

Kateriina is from Germany, now living in Sydney and part of our Atomic Bombshells team! Kat is a fantastic fire eater and aerial performer, and has been wowing the crowds in Sydney regularly with her nightclub performances. A master of fire eating and big fire displays, Kateriina is an amazing show all on her own.

Killpop – Newcastle, UK

UK Fire Performers Newcastle fire dancers Flamewater CircusNewcastle fire performer and DJ Killpop leads our Northern UK fire team. Her pyrotechnic guitar and GIANT fireballs make for a spectacular sight! Killpop is also a magicians assistant, and a featured model with the Suicide Girls.

Kira Lorrenti – Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas showgirl Kira Lorrenti is a multi-skilled performer, combining fire, burlesque and her beautiful giant python. An accomplished model and actress, Kira is a Hollywood starlet and a superstar on the stage!

Kirra Randall – Sydney, Australia

Australia fire performers Sydney fire dancers

Delivering bold and remarkable fire shows with her own unique style, Kirra is well-versed in the art of entertainment. A sideshow starlet and master fire manipulator, Kirra will elevate your event and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Kosmic Kitty – Vancouver, Canada

fire dancersKosmic Kitty is a Vancouver fire dancer, model and circus artist. Combining superb fashion, fire artistry and circus skills, Kosmic Kitty always leaves audiences wanting more.

Lauren – London, UK

Flamewater Circus UK Fire Performers - Lauren ProfileLauren is a UK champion aerial circus performer and an incredible fire artist. Lauren and her sister Tanya are behind the music we use in our UK shows, and together they combine their live music skills with circus and fire to create spectacular shows!

Lester Love – Los Angeles, USA

fire dancersLos Angeles fire performer Lester Love along with his partner Samantha display passionate, romantic and visually astounding fire dancing like you’ve never seen.

Lexi Frost – Sydney, Australia

sydney fire dancer lexi frostLexi Frost has been synonymous with Flamewater Circus since our inception, and is also one of our founding members. A highly skilled and versatile fire performer, Lexi has entertained thousands of audiences around the country. Based in Sydney, Lexi is a crowd favorite and never fails to impress.

Logan Cruz – Chicago, USA

fire dancersChicago fire dancer Logan is an incredible fire circus performer based in Chicago, Illinois. Logan is a multi-disciplined fire artist, with fire eating, dragon staff, and all manner of fire dancing tools in her bag of tricks.

Lukas Knab – Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Fire Performer Circus ShowVancouver fire performer Lukas has been performing thoughtout BC and North America for more than 10 years. His incredible circus skills combined with his own fire creations make Lukas one of the most recognizable fire shows in Canada!

Madison Hooper – Wichita, USA

fire dancersWichita fire performer Madison has been entertaining audiences in Kansas and throughout America for more than five years. Her unique combination of style, fire and movement makes Madison’s performances spec.

Marcia Darling – Grande Prairie, Canada

fire dancersFire queen Marcia is a Grande Prairie fire performer, belly dancer and  circus artist. Marcia’s fire shows are a divine mix of intricate costumes, impressive fire displays and flawless choreography.

Marshall Arkley – London, UK

Flamewater Circus UK Fire Performer Marshall ArkleyMarshall Arkley is a seasoned performer, featuring with the acclaimed Adonis Cabaret for the last 8 years. A bodybuilder and freak show performer, Marshall’s strong-man skills and adventurous sideshow talents have given him a massive following on Twitter and Instagram.

Maya Skye – Columbus, USA

fire dancersOhio fire performer Maya Skye is a sensational fire artist, mixing fire eating, fire dancing and circus skills like no other! Maya is based in Columbus, and performs throughout Ohio and North America with her flashy fire tricks.

Mundi Broda – Raleigh, USA

belly dancers fire dancersSuperstar talent Mundi has entertained audiences throughout North Carolina with her versatile skills. Mundi spell-binds guests with her serpent, entices with her belly-dancing, and brings the heat with spectacular fire eating.

Rose Brotherton – Tampa, USA

Tampa fire performer Rose uses fire eating and fire dancing to mesmerize her audience through captivating movement and element manipulation.

Rebecca Crow – London, UK

London fire dancers uk fire performers Flamewater Circus Rebecca Crow katsandcrowsRebecca Crow is a famous alt-model and political activist fighting for women’s rights. Using her platform as a Suicide Girl model, Rebecca hosts large fundraising events, as well as performing her own high energy fire shows!

Roshie Ferrero – Sydney, Australia

Australia fire breathers for hire Sydney

Roshie is an award winning performer based in Sydney. Having trained under Shade Flamewater in fire eating, Roshie is now a fire eating star in her own right. One of the feature performers of the Atomic Bombshells team, Roshie brings the heat with her fire shows!

Rowyn Sage – Philadelphia, USA

fire dancersPennsylvania fire performer Rowyn Sage has been dazzles audiences throughout Philadelphia and North America with her fire eating and fire dancing. Rowyn performs a spectacular fire show, with fire breathing and big fire displays.

Sacha Fae – Sydney, Australia

sydney belly dancer for hire

Sacha Fae is an incredibly talented and versatile artist. Sacha is a major contributor to our choreography and costume design. You can book Sacha Fae for belly dancing shows, fire shows, children’s entertainment, face painting and belly dance classes.

Samantha Love – Los Angeles, USA

fire dancersLos Angeles fire dancer Samantha Love along with her partner Lester display passionate, romantic and visually astounding fire dancing like you’ve never seen.

Samantha Sapphire – Los Angeles, USA

fire dancersSamantha Sapphire is a professional traveling performance artist and instructor based in Los Angeles, California. Beginning as a dancer at an early age, Samantha fell into the world of circus. Samantha leads a team of stilt-walkers and fire dancers that travel throughout California.

Sandra Safire – Calgary, Canada

fire dancersCalgary fire performer Sandra Safire and her team of fire dancers provide circus and fire entertainment for all ages. With a team based throughout Albert, Sandra brings together a range of performers to create one-of-a-kind shows for events.

Siren Iris – Bozeman, USA

fire dancers

Siren Iris is a model, circus artist and fire performer in Bozeman Montana. Having learned fire eating in our fire eating classes, Siren is a fantastic fire performer and leads our Montana fire dancers.

Steph Angel – Bristol, UK

Steph is an incredible circus performer, and one of our most highly skilled circus masters. An internationally recognized circus teacher, Steph displays incredible mastery of fire performance. Steph is well known for her use of pyrotechnics in her shows! Expect your party  to go off with a BANG!

Tara Patrice – Winnipeg, Canada

fire dancersWinnipeg fire-eater Tara Patrice is an amazing fire specialist, with incredible fire-breathing skills and beautiful fire eating magic. Tara has toured North America with her fire and circus spectacular, and leads our Manitoba fire dancers.

Terry Fields – Philadelphia, USA

fire dancersPhiladelphia fire breather Terry Fields has been the name in fire-breathing in Pennsylvania and around the world for more than a decade. His viral fire breathing videos have made Terry an internet sensation

Thommy Girl – London, UK

Thommy is our lead dancer and choreographer. Her tireless work has shaped our team into the tight-knit production we are famous for! Thommy’s phenomenal dance skills and effortless fire mastery are a sight to behold!

TJ – Wollongong, Australia

Australia fire performers Wollongong fire dancers canberra fire show

TJ is one of our feature Atomic Bombshell members and a multi award winning performer. TJ is in Wollongong and performs regularly in Sydney and Canberra. Catch TJ performing at SEXPO and many other adult events around Australia.

Valerie Rose – Montreal, QC

fire dancersValerie Rose performs a wonderful mix of sci-fi light shows and beautiful fire displays. The French-Canadian native is based in Montreal, and is often seen performing at national celebrations and community events.

Zeus Bigalow – Nashville, TN

fire dancersZeus Bigalow is a Nashville fire breather and an amazing fire performer. Since his introduction to the fire arts community, he has applied groundbreaking concepts to every practice he picks up.

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