Dangerboy - Australia's Legendary Sideshow Talent

Master of the dark arts, Dangerboy explores the limits of the human experience and beyond. Together with his lovely assistant, Dangerboy has left audiences spellbound all over the world. Dangerboy specializes in performing phenomenal feats of human endurance, drawing inspiration from late 1800’s Bohemian cabaret and dustbowl-era circus sideshow. Eating fire, chewing razor-blades and swallowing needles are just a taste of Dangerboy’s shocking abilities.

Juxtaposing beauty with the grotesque, Dangerboy’s avant-garde performances pay homage to late nineteenth-century Bohemian cabaret and depression-era circus sideshow.
Gasp as Dangerboy’s assistant tap dances on his stomach in the Iron Maiden! Wince as he chews razor blades! SCREAM as he selects a random audience member and saws them in half – beware, it could be you!