Gamma Ra – Vancouver Fire Performer

Gamma Ra – Fire Dancer and Circus Performer in Vancouver

Gamma Ra is a BC based fire dancer, circus performer and movement artist. Book a Vancouver fire performer today and have the amazing Gamma Ra entrance your guests, and make your event truly unforgettable.

Fire Dancer – Circus Performer – Movement Artist

Gamma Ra has been dancing with the rhythms of the universe from as young as she can remember. She dove into the study of dance wholeheartedly at the early age of 6. Years of dedicated training in the circus & fire arts followed; her innate inclination to flow with the forces of nature evolved into a powerful performance art that transcends the mundane.

Fire is her elemental muse

Inspired by its serpentine dynamism and sensual danger, Gamma Ra’s performances will never fail to enchant and intrigue. Mysterious – edging on mystical – Gamma Ra conjures an other-worldly experience intended to free the audience from the reigns of reality, leaving you spellbound and begging for more, even if for only a single breathtaking moment in time…

Gamma Ra offers a range of mesmerizing performances that will captivate all ages. Acts include: Hoop Dance, LED Hoop, Silk Veil Fans, Fire Fans, Dragon Staff, Fire Hoop, Fire Eating & Fleshing, Palm Torches, Go-Go Dance, and more. With infinite versatility, each performance can be customized to suit the specific desires of the audience and venue. See more of Gamma Ra on her blog!

Learn Fire Dancing with Gamma Ra

Gamma Ra is also available for workshops and private classes in fire dance and circus arts. Gamma Ra is based out of Cumberland, British Columbia. Contact us for details!

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