Golem Obsidian – Montreal Fire Performer

Montreal Fire Performer Golem Obsidian

Montreal fire performer Golem Obsidian  is an incredible fire artist, with transcendent fire eating, fire-breathing and fire spinning skill. Mixing athletic circus and incredible staff juggling tricks, Golem’s fire shows are an entertaining mix of fire, magic and circus.

Fire Eating Performance

A magical and amazing performance of fire artistry. Golem amazes everyone with his unique fire eating talents. A mix of magic and fire artistry, fire eating shows are ideally suited for indoor events, weddings and small stages. His fire eating can safely be performed close-up to the audience, the spectacular tricks become even more impressive when you can feel the heat!  Contact us today to book a unique fire show!

Fire Breathing Show

Incredibly impressive, visually astounding fire show, fire-breathing never fails to WOW the crowd. For fire-breathing shows, at least a 15 feet space between audience and performer is required. Tall ceilings are required for indoor events, and we take every measure to ensure that the show is spectacular and the guests and your venue are safe. Contact us today to book Golem’s fire-breathing show at your event!

Fire Show

A magnificent combination of fire artistry, dance and circus. Golem Obsidian spell-binds with his fire eating, impresses with his range of fire skills, then heats up the night with his big fire displays.

For a BIG fire show that packs a PUNCH, Golem Obsidian is a one-man fire show that can do it all! Incorporating athletic circus, technical skill and GIANT fireballs, Golem’s fire show will suit any stage, big or small. Contact us today and book a world-renowned fire performer for your event!

Glow Performance

Looking for a non-fire show? Our Flamewater Circus team has you covered, as our talented circus performers have beautiful glow equipment to mesmerize your guests and light up your event! Contact us today to book glow performers at your event.

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