Haley Lane

Tennessee fire performer Haley Lane is an incredible fire eater and fire dancer. Haley entertains audiences in her home-town Knoxville and throughout North America with her unique blend of fire, magic and movement.

Haley is a multi skilled fire performer and can entertain your guests no matter what your event. Small indoor events love Haley’s fire eating artistry, and larger venues unleash Haley’s range of fire costumes and her big fire show!

A magical and amazing performance of fire artistry. Watch Haley dance with flames on her skin as she effortlessly shoots fire-balls from her mouth. Haley Lane spell-binds with her fire eating and stunning fire costumes. Haley then heats up the night with her range of fire skills and big fire displays. From the first magic sparkle to the last flaming crescendo, Haley will leave your audience amazed and wanting more!