Jandro "Cilantro" Fuego

Jandro Fuego a.k.a. Cilantro the Fire Clown is the world’s best fire breather. Jandro has been developing his signature fire skills for more than a decade, and has become globally recognised for his craft.

Jandro Fuego is an amazing Texas fire breather and fire performer. For the last 10 years, Jandro has pushed the limits of what is possible in fire performance, and has created a style and techniques that are the envy of other fire performers. The skill in which Jandro manipulates fire is incredible, and has to be seen to be believed.

Cilantro the Fire Clown

Fans of Jandro Fuego will recognize his alter-ego; Cilantro the Fire Clown. As this avant-garde character, Cilantro breaks the mold of traditional clown and combined unbelievable fire performance with comedy, music, movement and more.

Now is your chance to begin your fire journey and learn from the very best! Jandro can teach you online via Skype or you learn from him in person at one of his world tour workshop events. Click here for more information on fire breathing workshops with Jandro

After a wildly successful year teaching fire workshops throughout North America, Jandro was awarded the Flow Arts Institute's Instructor of the Year Award.