Jandro Fuego – Texas Fire Breather

Jandro “Cilantro” Fuego – Texas Fire Breather & Fire Performer

Jandro Fuego a.k.a. Cilantro the Fire Clown is the world’s best fire breather. Jandro has been developing his signature fire skills for more than a decade, and has become globally recognised for his craft.

Fire Wizard – Circus Star – Avant-Garde Clown

Jandro Fuego is an amazing Texas fire breather and fire performer. For the last 10 years, Jandro has pushed the limits of what is possible in fire performance, and has created a style and techniques that are the envy of other fire performers. The skill in which Jandro manipulates fire is incredible, and has to be seen to be believed.

Cilantro the Fire Clown

Fans of Jandro Fuego will recognize his alter-ego; Cilantro the Fire Clown. As this avant-garde character, Cilantro breaks the mold of traditional clown and combined unbelievable fire performance with comedy, music, movement and more.

Learn fire breathing with Jandro “Cilantro” Fuego

Now is your chance to begin your fire journey and learn from the very best! Jandro can teach you online via Skype or you learn from him in person at one of his world tour workshop events. Click here for more information on fire breathing workshops with Jandro!

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year

After a wildly successful year teaching fire workshops throughout North America, Jandro was awarded the Flow Arts Institute’s Instructor of the Year Award.

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  1. Jandro came to Dallas to teach his beginner and advanced workshop it was a plethora of information about health, saftey, technique. Jandro was very helpful when it came to teaching us all to breath fire on our first breath and showed each individual his 100% attention. On top of being information and helpful jandro is also so fun to. Work with he has a great sense of humor and great vibe which I felt was great in a class where people were nervous about trying this skill

  2. Jandro held a double intro/advanced workshop in Dallas recently. His attention to detail when explaining the initial safety, equipment, and precautionary information was phenomenal and very helpful for fire spinners in general, much less fire breathers specifically. Getting to take first breaths at the end of the intro workshop was amazing and exhilarating. I felt confident enough to take the breath, not overwhelmed or like I wasn’t ready. He does wonderfully with building his students up. The advanced workshop brought an even bigger onslaught of knowledge as we moved onto fine tuning techniques. I found these workshops to be an incredible opportunity for learning and growth as a fire performer, and I count myself lucky that I got the opportunity to learn from Jandro!

  3. Jandro’s intro and advanced fire breathing classes in Dallas were amazing! He has a huge emphasis on safe practices, not only WHAT to do, but WHY. You can tell he loves this work, and loves sharing what he knows. He’s very articulate, breaks everything down. The ins and outs of gear, things to be aware of, major and minor concerns. Not just the simple beginner things to think about like what to wear or what kind of fuel for different situations. He also encouraged us to think more broadly in the moment. Giving us the “why” we want to do something to be safe, and encouraging us to look at the setting, performers, crowd, wind, gear, fuel etc involved as a whole and how it all interacts together. It was more depth than I expected from a beginner class, and it was awesome.

    Then when it came to hands on learning he was detailed and fun! He gave each student individual attention, and instilled in us the confidence to take first breaths at the end of the beginner class.

    His advanced class was AWESOME! From sustains to multiple types of ghosts, to passing from one to another, so many techniques! He demonstrated each one and then walked each of us through doing it with live fire for the first time, individually.

    I am not an experienced fire performer. I count myself VERY lucky that I happened to take Jandro’s class from both a safety standpoint as well as a creative standpoint. I think everyone from beginners to advanced performers can benefit from what he has to show you.

  4. I fully intended to take Jandro’s fire breathing workshop just to learn how to safety for other fire breathers I perform with, and maybe to see if I could pick up some tips and tricks for doing partner hybrid work as a fire eater. By the time he was readying the class for first breaths, I was fully equipped with all the knowledge I needed to feel safe and confident enough to at least give it a try.

    What struck me most about Jandro’s teaching style was his attentiveness. He was tuned in to each student’s skill and confidence level, and was quick to offer individualized technique and safety notes based on his observations. He even seemed to call students up for their first breath in the perfect order, giving everyone just enough time to reach their perfect level of preparedness.

    The workshop is thorough, fun, well-formatted, and suited for all skill levels. The attendees at this workshop ran the gamut from professional performers to hobbyists to those who were completely new to fire. At the end of the day, everyone left equally empowered in a new skill. I’m glad I didn’t pass up on the opportunity to learn from the best.

  5. Jandro come to the Toledo Ohio area to teach my group of fire performers how to breath fire. It was amazing! Such an in depth class. I have been breathing for years but felt like I was learning things in ways I never thought of. He definitely helped me to improve my skills!!
    Would love to have him back in the future!

  6. I participated in Jandro’s fire breathing class at Equilibrium Arts Event and am super satisfied! I highly reccommend taking his class, he is extremely thorough with the safety precautions and specific techniques and gives every student attention. I was definitely new to fire breathing and slightly terrified but gradually became more comfortable after his demonstrations and practice exercises. Not to mention his sense of humor and friendliness goes a long way when he teaches! Thanks for everything Jandro! 🙂

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