Marcia Darling – Grande Prairie Fire Performer

Grande Prairie Fire Performer Marcia

Fire queen Marcia is a Grande Prairie fire performer, belly-dancer and circus artist. With her team Halo Tribal, Marcia has been teaching and performing fire, dance and circus in Alberta for more than a decade. Marcia’s fire shows are a divine mix of intricate costumes, impressive fire displays and flawless choreography.

Belly Dancing & Fire Dancing Show

Marcia and her team of talented performers have been honing their craft together for years. Their intricate choreography has been carefully crafted, with beautiful fire costumes and wonderful circus skill added for the extra WOW factor! Contact us to book Marcia and her team of fire belly dancers!

Fire Eating Performance

A magical and amazing performance of fire artistry. Watch Rowyn dance with flames on her skin as she effortlessly shoots fire-balls from her mouth. A mix of magic and fire artistry, fire eating shows are ideally suited for indoor events, weddings and small stages. Fire eating can safely be performed close-up to the audience, the spectacular tricks become even more impressive when you can feel the heat! Contact us today to have a fire eater at your event!

Glow Performance

Looking for a non-fire show? Our Flamewater Circus team has you covered, as our talented circus performers have beautiful glow equipment to mesmerize your guests and light up your event! Contact us today to book glow performers at your event.

Learn Belly Dancing and Circus with Marcia

Now is your chance to learn from Marcia in person! Marcia teaches regularly out of her studio in Grande Prairie; The Space. Lessons in belly dancing, aerials, fire and circus are available! Visit The Space for information.

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