Rowyn Sage - Pennsylvania Fire Performer

Pennsylvania fire performer Rowyn Sage has been dazzling the crowds of Philadelphia and throughout America for more than 5 years. Rowyn will entrance your guests with her fire eating and fire dancing, then she turns up the heat with incredible fire breathing stunts!

Rowyn is a multi talented performer and artist from Pennsylvania. Beginning with hoop dance, she has expanded her repertoire to fire eating, fire breathing, dragon staff, aerials, and many other fire tools.

A magnificent combination of fire artistry, dance and circus. Rowyn Sage spell-binds with her fire eating, impresses with her range of fire skills, then heats up the night with her big fire displays. From the first magic sparkle to the last flaming crescendo, Rowyn will leave your audience amazed and wanting more!

Hire an unforgettable fire performer for your next event. Book Rowyn Sage today and we will take your event to the next level!