Samantha Love - Los Angeles Fire Dancer

Los Angeles fire dancer Samantha Love along with her partner Lester display passionate, romantic and visually astounding fire dancing like you’ve never seen. Two talented performers with a combined 20 years of experience.

Samantha has entertained audiences in California and around the world with her incredible fire talents. Combining exceptional costumes with gorgeous fire dancing skills, Samantha fire show are classy, mesmerizing and exciting. Co-founder of Love in the Fire along with her husband Lester, the twin flames create truly memorable fire art.

As an experience Los Angeles fire performer, Samantha knows what it takes to impress an LA audience. Dressed in spectacular outfits, with great music accompanying her dazzling fire show, Samantha will leave any audience spellbound. 

Samantha has been collaborating with other fire artists for years, and can offer a range of group fire shows, including her signature fire show with Lester Love. Samantha also works with larger groups for bigger stage shows and arenas. 

Learn Fire Dancing with Samantha & Lester

Samantha & Lester are also available for workshops and private classes in fire dance and circus arts. Lester and Samantha are based in Los Angeles, California. Contact us for details!