Shade Flamewater

The founder of Flamewater Circus in 2008, Shade has seen Flamewater Circus grow to become the biggest and most well-known fire circus in the world.

Audiences have been left spellbound by Shade’s unique blend of circus, magic and fire performance. Considered by his peers to be the best fire-eater in the world, expect to see something you’ve never seen before!

Shade’s signature masterpiece is his incredible fire eating show. From viral internet videos to television features, Shade amazes everyone with his unique talents. His fire eating can safely be performed close-up to the audience where the spectacular tricks become even more impressive.

Shade has been performing with fire for more than 15 years, and has added thousands of tricks to his arsenal of incredible fire moves. For a unique experience that will take your event’s entertainment to the next level, hire Shade Flamewater today!

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016 After a wildly successful tour of Europe and North America; Shade was awarded the Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year!