Terry Fields – Philadelphia Fire Breather

Terry Fields – Philadelphia Fire Breather

Philadelphia fire breather Terry Fields has been the name in fire-breathing in Pennsylvania and around the world for more than a decade.

Philadelphia Fire Breather – Terry Fields

Terry Fields has been renowned the world over for his martial arts abilities; specializing in staff and nunchucks.  Terry incorporates Fire Arts into his Martial Arts methodology and is proficient in contact staff, fire-breathing, single and double nunchuck(s), rope dart, fire swords, double staves, isolation mini hoops, dragon staff, and the ancient art of Fei Cha.  Terry is also a well known fire breathing instructor, having recently been a featured instructor at the Wildfire Re-treat, an established event focusing on the intense and proper training of fire and flow arts in New England.

Aside from performance art, Terry is a builder and operator of pyrotechnics (fireworks props), staves/dragon staves, as well as laser dragon staves, taking an intelligent approach to quality product – the creation of props by one who works with them.

Philadelphia Fire Breather Terry Fields

In 2010, Terry was welcomed as a performer in the Squidling Brothers Sideshow, a well known Philadelphia based alternative theatre, specializing in circus sideshow acts. For the 2012 Burning Man event, Terry was the Shin (director/choreographer/performer) for the Fire Conclave, Aish Tamid, one of a select group of performance artists from around the world who create choreography in dedication to the man.

In 2013 to present time, Terry became the Director of Live Fire Arts for the east coast event, PEX Summer Festival – an eclectic barrage of interactive art, music, workshops, and performances.  In 2014, Terry performed in the Swarsky Crystals promotional video as well as fire breathing in a credited role in 2015 for the film Rocky VII aka Creed, also apearing in the ground breaking footage for a fire breathing matrix style.

Learn Fire Breathing and Fire Spinning with Terry Fields

Terry’s passion and dedication to his diverse and well honed crafts reflect in these components:  performance, instruction, fabrication of props, and inspiration toward the exponential growth of these art forms.  He is never without a prop, never without creative sketches of his work, and always open to sharing his skill sets. If you would like to learn how to master fire, Contact us today and Terry will be in touch with you!

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  1. Hey Terry,

    I just wanted to start off by saying that I am a huge fan of your work. The video posted on the flame thrower circus YouTube highlighting your skills is absolutely mesmerizing.

    My name is Brian Nguyen and I am the lead photographer at Snipes (formerly known as kicks usa). I wanted to reach out to you to see if you would be interested in being apart of a photo editorial for the new pair of Air Jordan 1’s releasing on Black Friday. The origin of the shoe is based around an old commercial with the tag line “Who said man wasn’t meant to fly”. Its a basketball reference but to me it means “who says that we can’t do anything”. Breathing and performing with fire is something that resonates with me and what I want to showcase in photos for these shoes. If you have a chance please either give me a call at 2672433897 or shoot me an email at *************

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