UK Fire Performers

UK Fire Performers

Meet the UK Fire Performers from Flamewater Circus. From the first magic sparkle, to the last flaming crescendo, we have dazzled audiences the world over with our unique blend of fire, circus and magic. Flamewater Circus brings to your door the very best fire performers the UK and Europe has to offer.

For 20 years we have sculpted the team of Flamewater Circus into the talented performers they are today. Our team have been featured in Britain’s Got Talent, Italy’s Got Talent, The Commonwealth Games, and countless events around the world.

Shade Flamewater

fire eater and fire breathers Sydney Flamewater Circus Shade Flamewater Australia fire performers

Shade Flamewater founded Flamewater Circus in 2000. Specializing in the mystic arts of fire and magic, Shade and his team have dedicated themselves to creating otherworldly feats. Audiences the world over have been spellbound by Shade’s unique blend of circus, magic and fire performance.


Tanya combines her award-winning aerial skills, her incredible singing, and our signature fire skills all into one! Together with her sister Lauren, Tanya is the face of our UK circus team.


UK fire performers London fire eater fire dancer england

Francesca is a fitness instructor and tattoo model based in London. Combining beautiful fire eating and gorgeous fire manipulation, Francesca is a regular feature artist in the London nightlife and Tattoo Conventions around the UK and Europe.


Flamewater Circus UK Fire Performers - Lauren ProfileLauren is a UK champion aerial circus performer and an incredible fire artist. Lauren and her sister Tanya are behind the music we use in our UK shows, and together they combine their live music skills with circus and fire to create spectacular shows!

Rebecca Crow

London fire dancers uk fire performers Flamewater Circus Rebecca Crow katsandcrowsRebecca Crow is a famous alt-model and political activist fighting for women’s rights. Using her platform as a Suicide Girl model, Rebecca hosts large fundraising events, as well as performing her own high energy fire shows!

Steph Angel

Steph is an incredible circus performer, and one of our most highly skilled circus masters. An internationally recognized circus teacher, Steph displays incredible mastery of fire performance. Steph is well known for her use of pyrotechnics in her shows! Expect your party  to go off with a BANG!

Thommy Girl

Thommy is our lead dancer and choreographer. Her tireless work has shaped our team into the tight-knit production we are famous for! Thommy’s phenomenal dance skills and effortless fire mastery are a sight to behold!

Marshall Arkley

Flamewater Circus UK Fire Performer Marshall ArkleyMarshall Arkley is a seasoned performer, featuring with the acclaimed Adonis Cabaret for the last 8 years. A bodybuilder and freak show performer, Marshall’s strong-man skills and adventurous sideshow talents have given him a massive following on Twitter and Instagram.


UK Fire Performers Newcastle fire dancers Flamewater CircusNewcastle fire performer and DJ Killpop leads our Northern UK fire team. Her pyrotechnic guitar and GIANT fireballs make for a spectacular sight! Killpop is also a magicians assistant, and a featured model with the Suicide Girls.