Fire Dancers, Stilt Walkers & Circus Shows

Here you will find our performance options, from fire dancers to stilt-walkers and more. You can choose multiple options for your event. We want to make sure you get the best show possible for the best value. Not sure what you want? Send us a message and we can help!

Fire Eaters

The Flamewater Circus specialty. Our fire eaters are second to none, each having been trained by Shade Flamewater. A mix of magic and fire artistry, our fire eaters are ideally suited for indoor events, weddings and small stages. Fire eating can safely be performed close-up to the audience, the spectacular tricks become even more impressive when you can feel the heat!  See the world’s best fire eating performers! Contact us today to book a unique fire show!

Fire Breathers

Flamewater Circus is home to Jandro Fuego and his team of fire breathing superstars! Nothing gets the crowd going better than a spectacular fire breather. You could station one of our fire breathers at the entrance to your event as a spectacle to greet your guests. Or our fire breather can take the stage and perform a mind-blowing fire show like you’ve never seen.

Flamewater Circus fire breathers also perform group shows, where you’ll see spectacular stunts, passing fireballs between performers. For fire-breathing shows, at least a 15 feet space between audience and performer is required. Tall ceilings are required for indoor events, and we take every measure to ensure that the show is spectacular and the guests and your venue are safe. Contact us today to book an incredible fire breathing show!

Fire Dancers & Group Fire Shows

From the first magical sparkle, to the final flaming crescendo, our Flamewater Circus fire dancers have amazed audiences the world over with our fire show. Roaming fire eaters can delight and amaze your guests throughout the night, and then our performers take to the stage for a spectacular display of fire, circus and magic. We have a huge variety of fire dancers, and you can choose from solo, duet or group fire performances. We work to your event, so no matter what size your venue is, we can cater our fire show to suit the event safely. Contact us to book a fire show for your event.

Stilt Walkers

For entertainment that REALLY stands out from the crowd, our stilt walkers will blow your guests away. This is really “can’t miss” entertainment. Flamewater Circus strives to go above and beyond for our clients. If you have a certain look in mind, or want to see something specific, let us help make it a reality! Otherwise, leave it in our capable hands and we will create an experience like no other. We also offer stilt walking lessons in South London Contact us here!

Belly Dancers & Fire Dancers

Enchant your guests with our belly dancers! Flamewater Circus belly dancers add a touch of beauty and elegance to your event. Our belly dancers can also perform with fire, snakes and swords, creating a thrilling show combining exotic music, danger and intricate dance. Contact us to book a belly dancer for your event.

Glow Performers

Combining elegant circus performance with futuristic equipment, our glow performers will amaze you. Flamewater Circus glow performers can be utilized in many ways. You could have a number of roving glow characters interacting with your guests over the night, or have a spectacular light show featuring juggling, circus and more.  Our glow performers always stand out! Contact us to book glow performers for your event.

Aerial Circus Performers

Let your event take flight with our talented aerial performers! Adding a touch of grace and class to any event, our aerial characters can be a feature of your show or an ambient decoration. Featuring incredible flexibility and other-worldly athleticism, Flamewater Circus performers will amaze you! Contact us to book aerial circus performers at your event!


Igniting your senses and exceeding your expectations is what Flamewater Circus magicians do best. Our magicians make great event hosts, and can MC your event as well as provide a world-class magic show. Close-up magicians can roam your event, charming and enchanting your guests table by table. Stage illusionists will hypnotize, surprise and amaze with their humorous and clever trickery. Contact us to hire a magician for your event.