Collapsible Contact Staff with Silicone Grip


This is a collapsible contact staff with fire ends. All Fusion Staffs setup in seconds by twisting the handle (3 to 5 half turns) and then pack down to nearly one third their size.

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Fusion Collapsible Contact Staff with Silicone Grip

The Fusion Collapsible Contact Staff is a three piece fire staff by Threeworlds. It features Concentrate’s all new Fusion Adapter Handle, fitted with a full silicone sleeve for extra grip. Just twist the handle clockwise to install the fire ends. This highly engineered locking mechanism is simple to use but provides superior strength with minimal rattle. The Fusion Adapter Handle is interchangeable and has been designed to fit any 22mm tubing, which means you can swap the ends with glow, fire or dragon ends. You can pack down or change the ends in seconds, making it the ultimate travelling performer’s staff. The kit packs down to less then half its length for easy travelling, this fire staff takes the hassle out of being on the move.

The Concentrate Fusion Fire Kit is fitted with 100mm fire resistant Kevlar® wicks to withstand hundreds of burns, offering super long-lasting flames.

OD: 22mm
ID: 19.1mm
Wicks: 100mm Kevlar®
Handle length: 400mm
Handle weight: 233 grams
Total Weight: 750 – 780 grams(depending on staff size)

The Fusion Contact Staff has silicone grip on all three parts and is quick and easy to setup and pack down. Packs down to nearly a third its size, making it perfect for travelling.

Kit includes:
1 x Fusion Staff Handle
2 x Fusion Staff Contact Fire Ends

Additional information

Weight 1.690 kg

Black, Red


1200mm (47"), 1300mm (51"), 1400mm (55"), 1500mm (59"), 1600mm (63"), 1700mm (67"), 1800mm (70")