Concentrate LED Glow Staff


Durable, lightweight glow staffs that are easy to use and have more than 70 colour modes! Each staff is sold individually, so if you are after a pair of double staffs make sure you select 2 units!



Concentrate LED Glow Staff

The Concentrate LED Glow Staff is an upgrade from the Lumi Lightstaff, with an upgraded battery unit and over 70 different colour modes! These LED glow staffs are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for double staffs and staff juggling. We recommend you remove the light units when practicing to get the longest life out of your glow staffs.

Super Bright – Customizable – Ultra Durable

The Concentrate staff range is famous for its brightness. We pack in the brightest custom made LED diodes you can buy. Each light unit pumps light into the polycarbonate tube that has an optical brightener in the mix to refract the light perfectly along the full length of the staff. The result is a seriously bright staff with very vivid colours.

The powerful chip and programming on board allow this LED unit to pump out a crazy number of colours and modes. You can select from the 9 presets or create your own with a double tap. The options really are limitless. The Concentrate Light Unit lets you program your own colour settings. Simply choose your favourite 2, 3 or 4 colour combo and select a mode. You can also save it for later.

Concentrate LED Glow Staff Product Specifications

This staff is made from polycarbonate tube. One of the toughest plastics available. Commonly used as bull-bars on vehicles. The simple but powerful C5 LED unit is protected by a large silicone cap at the ends. This also adds weight where it’s needed.

This staff is powered by standard AAA batteries. We recommend to use rechargable AAA batteries to get the best value for your play time. Expect to get 2-4 hours of lights on from each full charge of rechargable AAA batteries.

Staff Dimensions

Staff Length: 900mm
Handle Length: 290mm
Staff Outside Diameter: 22mm
Staff Including Grip Outside Diameter: 25mm
Staff Weight: 268gm

Kit Includes

1 x Concentrate LED Glow Staff.
2 x Concentrate LED Units

Additional information

Weight .268 kg
Dimensions 90 × 2.2 × 2.2 cm


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