Hollow Fire Eating Wands (Pair)

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  • Buy hollow fire eating wands for performing elite vapour tricks!
  • Perform amazing fire vapour tricks thanks to these ingenious hollow fire eating torches.
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Hollow Fire Eating Wands

The famous Hollow Fire Eating Wands are finally available for purchase! Each torch is 60cm long (24″) and has a 50mm (2″) Kevlar wick head. With these wands you can pull hot vapor into your mouth without putting your mouth on the wick!

Each fire eating torch is hand made by the Flamewater Circus team. All Hollow Fire Eating Wands are hand stitched with Kevlar thread, and each wick is checked for quality.

Hollow Fire Eatings Wands are a century old magic tool, used by great fire eaters like Ching Ling Foo. We have modernized the design, using high quality Kevlar wick for durability, and a long aluminum handle for torch manipulation and tricks.

Safer, cleaner, spectacular!

With these hollow fire eating wands you will be able to achieve longer vapor pulls, perform new vapor tricks, and expand your fire eating abilities!

Price is for a pair of wands.

Hollow Fire Eating Wands Specifications:

These specifications are for a single fire eating torch, but torches are sold by the pair.

Length: 60 cm
Diameter of shaft: 0.1 cm
Wick length: 5 cm
Wick width: Approx. 3cm
Weight: 70 gm

DISCLAIMER: Due to the extreme danger of fire eating; Flamewater Circus and Shade Flamewater take no responsibility for injury or damage incurred while using and of the products listed here. Fire Eating should only be performed by trained professionals, and you assume all risk and responsibility by purchasing and using these items.

Want to Learn To Master Hollow Fire Eating Wands?

Shade Flamewater teaches fire eating workshops, both online and around the world! Shade was awarded the Flow Arts Institute’s Instructor of the Year 2016 for his work teaching fire eating. Start you journey into the world of fire eating magic! Click here to find out more about fire eating workshops.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 66 × 6 × 6 cm
How Many?

1 Pair, 2 Pairs, 5 Pairs, 10 Pairs

4 reviews for Hollow Fire Eating Wands (Pair)

  1. Shade Flamewater

    These are the only fire eating torches I use.

  2. Marcia

    Just the best fire eating torches in the world! Thank you so much Shade XD

  3. Jamie Lee

    These torches are the bomb! The original hollow body design makes the versatility of vapor tricks uncomparable. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get into fire eating.

  4. Bonnie (verified owner)

    I love these and am getting myself a second pair

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