Moustache Wand (Single)


The Moustache Wands are double ended fire eating wands. The shaft is hollow, and has a hole in the middle for vapour pulls.

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Moustache Wands – Double Ended Vapour Wands

These ingenious fire eating wands are 75cm (29.5″) long with 5cm (2″) wicks on either end. The hollow shaft has a hole in the middle for vapour pulls. The length makes these wands ideal for isolation wand and double staff moves, as well as having the option to perform fire eating and vapour tricks! The shaft of the wand is 10mm (0.4″) and the width of the fire heads is barely 3cm (1.1″), so the fire heads are a comfortable size for putting in your mouth.

Price is per wand.

Some of the moves you can pull off with these wands include:

  • The Jumping Jellyfish
  • Hidden Flame
  • Magician’s Ignition
  • Parachute Transfer
  • & many more!

Moustache Wands Specifications:

Specifications are for one wand.

Length: 75 cm
Shaft Diameter: 0.1 cm
Wick Length: 50 cm
Wick Diameter: Approx. 3cm
Weight (unfuelled): 100gm

DISCLAIMER: Due to the extreme danger of fire eating; Flamewater Circus and Shade Flamewater take no responsibility for injury or damage incurred while using any of the products listed here. Fire Eating should only be performed by trained professionals, and you assume all risk and responsibility by purchasing and using these items. For instruction and guidance in how to perform fire eating safely, check out our fire eating classes or contact us today.

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Dimensions65 × 3.1 × 3.1 cm


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