Online Fire Magic Class with Shade Flamewater


Online Fire Magic Class with Shade Flamewater

Learn fire magic via Skype or Zoom with our legendary fire performers!

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Online Fire Magic Class with Shade Flamewater

Now is your chance to get one-on-one instruction with Shade Flamewater! Whether you are beginner or professional, Shade’s online fire magic classes will give you the coaching and confidence to learn fire magic and fire effects.

Each online fire magic class is scheduled for 2 hours. This is the best length of time to allow for internet connection, to give us plenty of time to work with, and not over-do things.

The ideal place to do your class is in a well ventilated indoor space (like a garage) but we can do outside if necessary. Wind is not your friend! You will not be able to do anything in a windy space!

What You Need

That really all depends! Fire magic involves a lot of different effects and products. Some effects are very simple (and cheap!) using household items. Some of the more special effects require equipment that you can purchase here. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know more!

Please try to ensure you have a good internet connection for taking the class! A laptop is usually best but you can also just use your phone camera if necessary. Please ensure you are in a safe, non-windy space for the lesson.

How Does It Work?

Contact us to let us know you’re interested in an online fire class. Alternatively, if you purchase a ticket here first we will contact you. Your instructor will schedule a time with you that suits at the earliest convenience. If you need help getting the tools for the class or have any questions we are happy to help.

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016

After a wildly successful tour of Europe and North America; Shade was awarded the Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016!

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