Fire Breathing Workshops

Fire Breathing Workshops with Jandro “Cilantro” Fuego

Thank you for your interest in my fire breathing workshops! All students are welcome, I am happy to guide complete beginners and working professionals. For years people have asked me how I do my tricks, and how to master control of fire breathing. Now is your chance to learn!

Skype Lessons Online

I teach private fire breathing lessons online via Skype, anywhere in the world. If you are interested in booking a Skype lesson with me, get in touch via the Contact page or via my Facebook page so we can discuss what you will need and book a time that suits. To be contacted when we are next accepting Skype students, please fill out the student form below and write SKYPE LESSONS under Questions and Comments.

Group Fire Breathing Workshops Worldwide

I travel the world regularly to host group fire breathing workshops. If you are interested in receiving information about upcoming workshops and events in your area, please fill out the form below! If enough students register their interest in the same area, I will come and teach fire breathing classes! Tell your friends to sign up too so we know how many people are interested! If you are also able to provide accomodation or a space to host the workshop, please let us know in the form. It’ll make things a lot easier and more likely I can make it to you.

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016

After a wildly successful tour of Europe and North America; Jandro was awarded the Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year!

6 Replies to “Fire Breathing Workshops”

  1. I attended a recent breathing workshop in Ohio on 8/1. Cilantro did an amazing job taking myself and the other first timer through the basics while keeping the more experienced breathers there engaged. He then moved on to more advanced concepts that were easy to follow and looked amazing. I cannot overstate the level of professionalism he exhibited while keeping the content exciting and engaging. His method of explaining the dangers of breathing while not turning anyone off of the art was great. I highly recommend Cilantro both for new breathers and for experienced performers to pick up new concepts.

  2. Cilandro does an amazing job. He’s well experienced and knows how to explain and make everything understandable. Very friendly, passionate and inspiring!

  3. Jandro’s intro and advanced fire breathing classes in Dallas were amazing! He has a huge emphasis on safe practices, not only WHAT to do, but WHY. You can tell he loves this work, and loves sharing what he knows. He’s very articulate, breaks everything down. The ins and outs of gear, things to be aware of, major and minor concerns. Not just the simple beginner things to think about like what to wear or what kind of fuel for different situations. He also encouraged us to think more broadly in the moment. Giving us the “why” we want to do something to be safe, and encouraging us to look at the setting, people, gear, fuel etc involved as a whole and how it all interacts together. It was more depth than I expected from a beginner class, and it was awesome.

    Then when it came to hands on learning he was detailed and fun! He gave each student individual attention, and instilled in us the confidence to take first breaths at the end of the beginner class.

    His advanced class was AWESOME! From sustains to multiple types of ghosts, to passing from one to another, so many techniques! He demonstrated each one and then walked each of us through doing it with live fire for the first time, individually.

    I am not an experienced fire performer. I count myself VERY lucky that I happened to take Jandro’s class from both a safety standpoint as well as a creative standpoint. I think everyone from beginners to advanced performers can benefit from what he has to show you.

  4. I have attended Cilantro’s classes. He is an absolute powerhouse teacher. The way he breaks it all down is amazing. Thankful for teachers like Jandro that care about their students safety as well as progress .

  5. jandro classes are awesome. He’s very informative and a great teacher I had my first breaths in his class at GLFF and it was a thrilling experience I highly recommend taking his class.

  6. I took my first fire breathing workshop at campfire 2018 with Jandro “Cilantro” Fuego. Although I already had some breathing under my belt I wanted to see what someone else had to offer and I was impressed.

    He not only taught me new skills to practice but also shared some important information my first instructor didn’t. So for that I am thankful.

    He made sure everyone in the class was well informed, practiced and had adequate time in taking that first breath.

    I highly recommend any beginner invest in a class or more with this skilled professional.

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