Madison Hooper – Wichita Fire Performer

Wichita Fire Performer Madison Hooper

Wichita fire performer Madison has been entertaining audiences in Kansas and throughout America for more than five years. Her unique combination of style, fire and movement makes Madison’s performances spectacular to watch, and will be sure to dazzle your guests. Book a fire dancer fire breather and fire eater all in one! Hire Madison for your next event.

Fire Breather – Fire Dancer – Fire Eater

Using circus as a therapy for the soul, Madison has been spinning fire and performing since 2013. Her early training grew into a complete immersion into fire and performance arts. With a Bachelors Degree in Studio Arts, creating symmetry and communicating through visual means comes naturally for Madison. Using the combination of tools and fire to tell a story, she strives to leave the audience anew in spirit and understanding.

Fire is her elemental tapestry

Wichita fire performer Madison thrills audienceskeeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Born in mid-August with the fiery nature of a Leo, Madison spends hours entranced in the practice of fire manipulation as to better perform for her shows.

As an ever growing performer, Madison’s tool lineup grows with her. Currently she  performs with LED hoops, fans, and poi, as well as fire hoops, fans, contact staff, dragon staff, fire breathing, poi, and palm candles.

Learn Fire Dancing with Madison Hooper

Are you looking for fire dancing classes? Madisonn Hooper is available for fire spinning workshops and private classes in fire dancing and circus arts. Madison is based out of Wichita, Kansas. Contact us for details!

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