Welcome to Flamewater Circus! The creation of Shade Flamewater. Since 2008, Shade has sculpted the world’s greatest collection of extraordinary fire talent. Each of our Flamewater team is handpicked by Shade for their excellence, so you can be sure to get a world-class show from any of our global team.

We know that you need the very best entertainment for your event, and that is why we are here; to provide the very best fire performers, magicians, and circus artists! Our select team are based throughout North America, the UK, Europe and Australia.

If you are planning a wedding, corporate event, festival, birthday, adverts or video shoots, we have you covered! Our performers each have their own special act, be it our mesmerizing fire dancers, circus performers, jugglers, stilt walkers or magicians.

Get in touch with our team to see how our skills and services can benefit your event. We strive to go above and beyond, creating an experience that is professional, magical and amazing.

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